Key women’s health issue left out of the Budget

NASOG welcomes the investment in women’s health areas being made by the Australian Government through the 2021-22 Budget.

The funding boosts for the range of gynaecological items and support for the mental health of new and expectant parents are particularly positive and strongly backed by NASOG members.

However, we were disappointed that funding to support greater access to private obstetric care for Australian families was not included.

With costs for pregnancy management and birth through the private system perceived as high, women’s choices of care for themselves and their babies are limited to the services available in over-stretched public systems.

Without a significant funding boost, the limited clinical staff in public maternity units continue to face the challenge of increasing patient numbers.

And we will continue to see delayed treatment for emergency cases and the ongoing tragedy of baby deaths and maternal injury.

NASOG President, A/Prof Gino Pecoraro urges the Government to look into suggestions for improving access to private obstetric care, to ease the pressure on the public system and give choice back to Australian women.

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