Why NASOG is the Voice of Your Profession

Have you renewed your membership of NASOG for this year? If not, I want to ask you to seriously consider rejoining the association at this crucial time in the evolution of our specialty. Obstetrics and gynaecology as we know it, is under threat. The spectre of managed care has never been a more obvious orContinue reading “Why NASOG is the Voice of Your Profession”

Being Part of NASOG has Never Been So Important!

The end of the financial year often marks renewal time for association memberships and NASOG is no different. This year we are working pro-actively on a number of issues that impact our profession. If you are not already a NASOG member, I encourage you to join now and add your voice to our advocacy. TheContinue reading “Being Part of NASOG has Never Been So Important!”

Pandemic Information: Check the Sources and Stay Kind

Article written for the Courier Mail by A/Prof Gino Pecoraro The Covid 19 pandemic continues to affect the lives of everyday Australians in ways we had not previously imagined. The world is different now. There are changes this virus has caused to not only our health but also our social, political and economic systems. InContinue reading “Pandemic Information: Check the Sources and Stay Kind”

Pharmacy prescribing puts politics above patients

Pharmacy prescribing is a disturbing trend that may herald the further degradation of quality health care in the future. Substituting core roles of our highly trained medical workforce to other healthcare professionals, not specifically trained in the area, seems to be a favourite way for government to try and cut costs. Unfortunately, it devalues primaryContinue reading “Pharmacy prescribing puts politics above patients”