Clinic to Cloud

In support of NASOG’s important advocacy work for its members, Clinic to Cloud proudly makes a contribution to NASOG on behalf of every NASOG member who onboards with the platform.

Clinic to Cloud as a specialist platform is supporting over 4,500 Australian healthcare professionals in the management of their medical practice. Clinic to Cloud boasts specific Obstetricians and Gynaecologists features that are designed to help both Clinicians and their admin teams. Our platform includes but is not limited to:

  • Integrated and advanced schedule and billing, Medicare, DVA, Eclipse and Private with audits and reporting
  • Procedure management module that manages the workflow from fee estimate to post op.
  • Advanced letter workflows that are designed to protect your time and your business.
  • Post operation reporting through your desktop or your smart phone with the ability to add item numbers post operating
  • Comprehensive obstetric module that covers LNMP to post-natal with the ability to create a birth record from your smart phone
  • Smart phone access to your schedule, clinical records, etasks and much more
  • Integrated lab results that flow onto your smart phone and include decision support
  • Integrated multi-tray printing and scanning designed to protect your staff’s time
  • A patient portal that increases engagement and reduces no-shows and increases your staff’s efficiency

Clinic to Cloud provides an onboarding discount to NASOG members.

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