General Information

Triage and Risk Assessment of Pregnant Women with Suspected COVID-19

The flowchart below forms part of the COVID-19 Guidance for Maternal Services, produced by Queensland Health. Download the full document HERE.

General Infection Control

These suggestions are in line with information and guidelines that are publicly available. Refer to Department of Health and College for updates.

  • No-one to enter rooms with any flu like symptoms
  • No-one to enter rooms if they have had any exposure to at risk people
  • No-one to enter rooms if they have travelled within the last 14 days
  • Strictly maintain social distancing (within rooms as well as externally)
  • Minimize wait room time by spacing patients out
  • Maximum of 1 support person per patient and No children
  • Check in then either Wait in car to be called/ walk around block etc
  • Remove all non-essential items in the reception and waiting area (flowers/magazines etc)
  • Warning signage at door
  • Waiting room seating 2m apart
  • Open doors – main and consulting
  • Hourly wiping of all surfaces
  • Card Only payment
  • Contactless deliveries of supplies
  • Single use bed/pillow covers

This post from RANZCOG contains some key recommendations that can apply to everyone

Business Support

If you find that you are unable to keep the rooms open as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, business support is available from the Government for sole traders. You can find the details HERE.

Medical Indemnity

You should contact your medical indemnity insurer as soon as possible if you find that your billings have been severely impacted by limitations on your work as a result of COVID-19. Similarly, if you are making any changes to your category of practice in order to provide support to colleagues on the frontline.

Significant changes to billings or amendments to your practice category may lead to an adjustment in your indemnity premium.

Indemnifier Contact Details






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